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Eve Marie Ross made me aware of this TED Talk by Ken Robinson titled How to Escape Education’s Death Valley. I have seen many excellent TED Talks, and this one rises to the top of my list of favorites. It summarizes pretty much everything that is dear to me.

It runs 18 minutes. Even if the subject matter did not speak to you, you could profit by watching it just for his delivery style. It is wonderful.

He makes the point that Death Valley is not dead. It is dormant, and the rare event of a rainfall makes it bloom. That is a metaphor for the whole of life. Our planet is dormant. It just lacks emotional rain.

We complain a great deal in this nation in spite of the fact that everything we need in order to take action has been provided to us. My generation of men want to retire and revel in their leisure time. How bizarre, given the condition of our nation.

My earnest hope is that readers will share this video.

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