On Mother’s Day

The joyful Jade at the book signing party.

The joyful Jade at the book signing party.

Jade Beall took the photographs for her wonderful book, The Bodies of Mothers, as part of the project she christened A Beautiful Body Project.

It is not surprising to me that this recognition of motherhood came from a mother.

We don’t expect a lot from men in terms of emotion, expressiveness, and particularly in regard to creating art. We look to women for that.

Men have mostly lost touch with their own feelings. It is a defensive move that enables us to work for large organizations that consider emotion and artistic expression to be distractions from efficiency.

Men largely view art as being more or less cute. Milton Glaser famously wrote and published Art is Work, a marvelous book about the deeper meaning of making art.

TatumWomen, in general, can expect less from men than men expect from women. Women are, increasingly, turning to other women to fill the gap.

I marvel at the courage of women to become mothers in this time of shifting priorities. We do not know how hospitable Earth will be twenty years from now. We cannot predict the rate of decline in men’s self-confidence and sensibilities. Bearing children is perhaps more of a gamble than ever before.

I have done a number of pregnancy photos for free as an expression of appreciation for the courage mothers show. I salute you ladies.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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