These four friends asked me if I would photograph them bonding with each other. As you can see, I said yes. They are Jen, Justice, Nayada, and Dallas. I had worked with Justice and Dallas on previous shoots.

I have been watching the evolution of male and female culture for the last sixty years. Guys should be worried. They are silent, isolated, and easily imposed upon by people with power and money.

Perhaps more serious than that, guys do not know how to express affection, and they are fearful of their feminine impulses.

Robert Bly wrote Iron John, the guide to being a man, in 1990. He wrote about initiating boys into manhood. Nowadays we put a boy in a cap and gown, march him around while playing Pomp and Circumstance, and consider the job done. Bly wrote of a boy’s “brilliance, bounty, wildness, greatness, and spontaneity.” Those traits are frowned upon in most settings these days.

corporations do so much work to produce the sanitized, hairless, shallow man.—Robert Bly

On the other hand, I am grateful for the courage and sweetness of women.

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