You want me to do WHAT?

Stormy's butt

The adorable and inspiring Stormy Leigh.

One of the biggest risks of seeking the divine is that you might find it.

When you do, it does not necessarily give you a hug. Instead, it can give you an assignment. Go forth, lead my people, and part the Red Sea. Lead them to freedom. Stuff like that. Or at least it seems like that.

I’ve been shocked lately by some glimpses into the next level of consciousness. I’m not bragging, I’m just warning my friends. Read the warning labels before proceeding.

Today I watched the White House recording of the music fest that featured B B King and many other wonderful musicians. A lot of people are critical of President Obama. I don’t follow politics, but he is the most charming president during my lifetime. You prefer George Bush? I am sad for you. Really.

I witnessed the richness and power of the human spirit in that video. I doubt my own power these days, yet the joy of caring rushed out at me. The Universe rapped its ruler on the table and said, “Listen up! This is what joy, talent, and wonder create.”

The Universe wants me to assure people of their own potential, and of their virtue. These are people who are beaten down and discouraged. I say to the Universe, “You want me to do WHAT? Part the Red Sea?”

I get silence, which I take to mean yes.

I can’t part my own Red Sea. It seems to me that the game is played like that. It does not have to make sense to the mortal.

Here is the lesson I want to share with you. If your assignment is not scary, it’s probably because you are not paying attention.

Please share your experience. It makes me think I’m making some kind of difference.

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