The moon in my heart

BuddhaChögyam Trungpa wrote Smile at Fear. It is one of my primary study guides now. He uses some unusual imagery to make his points. One of them is the metaphor of the moon entering our heart.

He tells us we might not like the experience. One reason might be that it awakens us to what it means to be real. He wrote, “For the first time, you have discovered yourself as a real person, as opposed to being a fake.”

The moon does not take away our sadness. He wrote, “Such sadness is longing for higher wisdom. There is more to come.” It will be followed by the sun entering our head.

He emphasizes throughout the book that our problems are not here to destroy us. They are here, he says, to guide us to being real. That is difficult to accept most of the time, at least for me.

Lately the world has seemed, may I say, a bit surreal to me. I wonder if I am experiencing the approaching moon. He says it comes through your bedroom window, and then enters your heart. It can make your head spin, and provoke all kinds of resistance.

I commented in a previous post that when I watched the video of the B. B. King performance at the White House that I was overwhelmed by the ease and energy obvious in the performers. They hand off the lead to one another flawlessly and with no apparent effort. It planted in me a vision of taking that wondrous ability out to the world at large. What if all of us played with such gracefulness and joy?

I also received a vision of containing that same spirit myself. What if I judged myself as competent as I judge B. B. King and Jeff Beck to be?

That is basically what the teacher says lies ahead for each of us. Incredible, if you ask me. And the journey toward doing that makes me feel crazy much of the time.

If you have a story to share, please do so.

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