Not much more to say



My friend Dan Plumer threw me a challenge, and I am grateful for that. He sent me an email about my rather boastful post that appears below, and he said this:

A suggestion:  Write a blog that takes an antithetical view to ALL your positions. You of course realize that your positions are just your interpretations.   So take the time to generate a totally different perspective, and do it without sarcasm.  I believe it would be an eye opening exercise for you and perhaps others. It will also be hard.

I accept his challenge, and I say, Dan, you’re the man!

The original post begins here:

The post brings the total to 464.

By now you know my favorite topics: The nourishing qualities of art. How organizations fail us. The best ways to promote originality. The necessity for courage. The general shallowness of men. The courage and expressiveness of women. The cultural shifts over the last sixty years, and what they mean to us. The lack of innovation in modern times. The dearth of new good music. Courage. Sexy ladies. Our responsibility to nourish and preserve the joyousness children are born with. The virtues of disobedience. Rosie the Riveter. The effectiveness of dialog. Pointing to and praising people who inspire and guide us. Avarice in the business world. The pleasure of viewing good photographs. Distinctiveness. Things that are no longer helpful. Me, and my friends.

With the exception of me, my friends, good photographs, and sexy ladies, I don’t think I have any more to say about these subjects. I like to write blog posts, so I need a topic of interest to me, and hopefully to you. Maybe I should just concentrate on my four favorites.

I will be thinking about this, and I am open to suggestions.

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