Dealing with sadness

heartYoung people may not be aware of the grand master of dealing with sadness. His lessons are available on YouTube. Just search on Bob Hope. This link will take you to 10 minutes of highlights. There are longer videos available also. This one runs about 90 minutes.

Bob Hope entertained our troops, wherever they might be, especially at Christmas.

It is also fun to watch Raquel Welch sing and shimmy. If you don’t know who she is, this post is definitely for you.

Sadness is increasing in this world, in our nation, and within my circle of friends. We need instruction in working with it. Bob Hope delivered his huge, convincing smile to people who were in pain, at risk, and longing to be back home.

Phyllis Diller remarks in one of the tapes that she wept when visiting a hospital room. Mr. Hope corrected her, saying that the purpose of their visit was to restore laughter and confidence, not to reflect the soldiers’ pain and sorrow.

What would the world be like if there were more of us who sought to learn from Bob Hope?

Mr. Hope did not object to looking silly. He had great tolerance for his own inconvenience in dangerous, humid, remote locations. He brought lovely women on tour to the tremendous delight of the audience. He brought musicians and other comedians such as Jerry Colonna.

He usually carried a golf club on stage as a prop. It was a signature item. His most distinctive trait, in my opinion, was his smile. It seemed to arise from his very core. I am searching for my own center. When I find it you will know by my smile.

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