The paradox of boobs


This is an iconic image of the male view of the purpose of breasts. They are here to provoke and torment. Children, beware.

David Bohm, as I have examined in this blog, explained to us the difference between a paradox and a problem. A paradox is much more fun. It is the conflict between two incompatible points of view, both of which we accept as gospel, and which we will enter combat to support.

Boobs are, ideally, presented to babies as soon as they arrive on the planet. Later, most adult males hope to banish the boob from the child’s memory on the grounds that boobs are evil. Adult males are incapable of reconciling the nourishing nature of breasts from their own lustful impulses. Men long for them, therefore they must be bad. Lets pass some laws, shall we?

Yvette and I were at St. Philip’s Plaza in Tucson recently at the Farmers Market. A mother was walking around with a baby at her breast. Amazingly, the police did not appear. There was nary a riot. There was no competition for a place on her other breast. I silently thanked the men who were present. They displayed restraint in spite of the pressures on them.

A friend on Facebook announced her plans to breast feed her child at a nearby mall. I offered my services as a photographer.

Men love to be confused. We don’t know why, but the evidence of that is overwhelming. That fact does a lot to explain the state of the world. Men have even included the lovely boob in their maze of confusion. I am amazed. Perhaps you are too.

I hold out little hope for men due to our collective love of contradictions. Until we deal with that there is little hope for salvation.




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