Portraits, off the beaten path

Adela Arceo

I met Adela at this junk yard, and we had an instant rapport. Thank you, Corinne!

I joined the Arizona Photo Events on the Meetup site a while ago because I wanted to photograph people in unusual places. The results have been excellent. You can also find the group on Facebook.

Corinne, who runs the show, has introduced me to a failed industrial site we call The Domes. I have been there three times.

One of the models I enjoy working with, and who I met at The Domes, Christy Heddwyn, requested that we shoot at a giant record store that had recently re-opened here in Tucson. It is called PDQ Records. Then she asked me to photograph her in a laundromat. The first time I photographed her in Tucson I chose a luxury hotel. How predictable.

I was already familiar with Agua Caliente park, where I photographed Bobby and her husband Eric. It is always fun to return there for more photos. I have shot there several times. Well, it’s not fun when it’s 108 degrees, but the rest of the year it is great.

The slide show includes an image of Ryan DeFusco “talking” to a painting. I’m learning more and more how to compose photos in unlikely places.

Thanks to Corinne I have also photographed people in art galleries, museums, a “man cave”, and a junk yard. I am currently signed up for a shoot in a fitness center in July. Too much fun to fit all of it into this blog post! The models are Adela, Bobby and her husband Eric, Christy, Justice Lee, Stormy Leigh, and Ryan.

What I have learned from this experience is to let my imagination loose when I suggest a site for making portraits, and to be sensitive to unusual requests from models. I welcome readers’ ideas.

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