My new donate button



I appealed to Guinevere for inspiration about my right livelihood. She is my guardian angel.

She brought to my attention the PayPal service that allows people to insert a “donate” button into digital documents online.

Some people might derive enough value from this blog to be moved to offer a bit of cash from time to time. The donation button invites contributors to set the amount of their donation. I welcome anything from a dollar on up.

This blog contains more than 500 posts, and I am also pleased to expand my services by offering suggestions and recommendations to people on any subject in which I have qualifications. This exchange of information can be discreet and private.

I have long experience with photography, and I hold a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University in Southern California. The literature on the dynamics and wisdom of leadership is a national treasure, and I would like to help people find the best of it in a way that informs their work. I am available to support your quest for excellence.

Maysa Peterson

Maysa Peterson

Installing the donate button was an adventure. My friend Maysa Peterson joined me for a long lunch today, and I asked for her help.

She is experienced with information technology principles at the professional level. I would not possibly have succeeded in installing this button without her stepping up to the proverbial plate. I bow to her…and we both got a hug out of the deal.

Let me mention that Maysa and I are available as a duo. She has a double major in information technology and economics, yet she is not boring. Go figure.

I will continue to offer this blog for free, but if you feel so inclined a donation of any amount of cash gives me a sense of validation.

I will, in any case, offer you the best I can for free. Rock on, Garth.



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