A little of this, a little of that

Nude signThanks to my study of meditation, with lots of credit due to Pema Chödrön, I am paying attention to those moments when I scold myself. I do too much of it. I get in my own way. I employ guilt to create conflict because I judge conflict to be what I deserve. Indulging in guilt is counter productive to liking one’s self. It’s a self-defeating practice, and a vicious circle.

Today I gave myself permission to Google the phrase pubic hair. I have long wondered about how ladies choose their style, and today I temporarily stilled the guilty accusing voice and explored the subject. I chose to allow myself the freedom to be an adult. There is an abundance of thoughtful information published on this topic. Much of what is published involves a solid scientific or medical foundation, and other reports are based on opinion surveys that are informative. At the bottom of the food chain I found a blog dedicated to publishing photos of this private part. They are not very good photos, but they address the topic.

Patterns shaved into pubic hair have names. I learned that one of my favorites is called the runway. The only porn star I like has a runway (she has retired, but these videos have a long shelf life). I also like this area just as nature provides it. Some years ago I went to a clothing-optional retreat at a hot springs. The picture of the sign is from there. I had fun observing the variety of interpretations on this theme, and it was a guilt-free experience.

So, Interstate 10 is closed between Phoenix and LA. The break is near Blythe and Desert Center. We drove to LA on I-10 for a 4th of July party. It’s about eight hours each way when everything is working. I’m curious how the produce section of grocery stores will look in the near future. Fate. It keeps us alert.

The 10 Freeway was shut down from Desert Center to the Arizona state line as a result of the bridge collapse and heavy flooding, authorities said.

“This is the major thoroughfare, absolutely, between the Palm Springs area and the Arizona border,” said Mike Radford from the California Highway Patrol. “It’s going to be closed for a long time.” —ABC 7 News

I think it is a message from the universe. It’s God saying, “This is getting serious. Let me make a point. Global warming? Killing people? Idiots running for president? Burning all those fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow? Using my wonderful metals to make bottle caps and soda cans? Businesses are just after the money? I must have your attention.”

American society is in deep conflict about its industrial and human relations…Hierarchy works only when a bond of confidence exists among people at different levels of status and power, yet the degree of distrust of authority in business, as well as in other organizations, is high.”—Abraham Zaleznik

I trimmed my library of all but the most essential books. Recently I was browsing The Management Mystique, Restoring Leadership in Business. The author is Abraham Zaleznik. It was published in 1989. I also reviewed Organizational Culture and Leadership. The author is Edgar Schein. It was published in 1992. Business organizations have continued to decline in terms of their humanity, moral purpose, and respect for the environment. This wisdom has been available to us for about 25 years. I would be impatient too, as I suspect the universe is.

I just ran an errand, and I add this addendum. At a busy intersection near my house three of the four median strips were occupied by people asking for money. It’s 99 degrees today. One was a woman, and one of the men had his dog with him. I gave the lady my usual donation. It won’t make her rich.

I think we will soon get more messages from the universe. Some humility on our part is in order.

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