On knowing where to look

img074The teachers say we already have everything we need in terms of inner peace and confidence.

The reason we do not realize that, they tell us, is that we are so distracted by all the unproductive activity that goes on in our mind, and by the complicated relationships we have with others that involve fear, anger, jealousy, and all the other plagues that we work with.

Meditation is a way to take inventory and gradually disengage all the smoke and mirrors that define our lives now. The teachers say we will become more calm, and we will feel more affection for ourselves over time.

Babies start out being in touch with their sense of joy. This is a picture of me. We lived in what was then called a housing project. It was a primitive bit of business intended to provide makeshift housing for the huge number of people leaving military service after WWII. I had no opinion about our living conditions. Opinions were to come later in life. Now I have thousands of them, and I long for those simpler times.

We look outside ourselves in our search for our joy. We should know by now that it is not outside ourselves. It is in us, and it is obscured by what Simon and Garfunkel called “all the crap I learned in high school.” They teach more crap in college. Choose your courses wisely.

I marvel at the level of anger and outrage that characterizes this nation. That kind of energy adds to the fog that separates us from our own joy and peace of mind.

I long to return to to a simple view of the world in which a tub of warm water is reason enough to giggle.

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