My note to the world

HeartI watched a video this morning about the threats to our safety based on where we live. You know. Blizzards, floods, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, and so on. It was made at the New York Times, and it was compelling.

I am also re-reading The Fifth Discipline. Peter Senge goes into considerable detail about why our organizational problems are so deeply entrenched and seem to be defended by legions of people who could solve them if they cared to do that.

The news that I read reaches me primarily through my Facebook news feed. I don’t go looking for it because it is all bad. I had lunch recently with a friend who works for a big-name retail chain. She has worked there for ten years and is paid nine dollars an hour. Robert Reich wants the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars an hour. And so do I.

We do not lack for guidance on how to live in harmony with one another, the birds and the bees, and with our planet. Most of us just don’t want to do that.

My note to the world is short and sweet:

I know you are in a great deal of intense pain. You may take some small comfort in my love for you. I love you even when you are cranky and unfair.

If you have any interest in healing I can point you to wise counsel, people whose teachings and methods have stood the test of time. I even do a bit of counseling myself for folks who are willing to receive it.

Whatever choices you make, my deep desire for you is that you get better soon. The heart drawing is by a dear friend of mine when she was very, very young. Children are born knowing the right thing to do. We sort of squeeze that out of them over time.

Best wishes. My prayers are with you.

I pray, dear readers, that you will do something you enjoy doing. The sensation that comes with it can reconnect us to our heart.


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