You gotta have heart

heartAccording to Robert Reich’s Facebook post we have a man who wants to be president who thinks he might legalize torture if he gets the power.

In Tucson many people are struggling to get where they need to be because of a bus strike.

I watched a video on Facebook of a young boy on the streets of New York begging for money on a freezing day. The indifference of the pedestrians who sailed past him is stunning.

I am convinced that we only have one priority facing us. It is to have heart. This passage by Lao-tzu from the Tao Te Ching expresses it beautifully.

I have just three things to teach: simplicity; patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.—Stephen Mitchell translation

He also encouraged us to show compassion toward ourselves. I fear we are desperately short of compassion these days. I read a Facebook post from a person who said his friends would not respond if he issued a plea for help. A woman I know and respect posted her agreement with his assessment.

While the company may not have much of a financial interest in resolving the strike, the city that provides the money to run the bus system does have an interest. Council members know riders are suffering, many are voters, and they sincerely want the strike over.—Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star

What has become of friendship? We barely trust it at all. Many people do not trust themselves. This little passage that follows is how Paramahansa Yogananda advised us to reach out to God:

He wants your love to be freely given, without ‘prompting.’ That is the whole secret in the game of this universe. He who created us yearns for our love.—How You Can Talk With God

What if God took the form of the young boy freezing on the sidewalk, trying to climb into a garbage sack to reduce the chill of the wind? God did, of course. We are all made of stars, are we not?

HeartYogananda tells us that God can be persuaded to take a personal form if we are devoted in our efforts. My fondness for the feminine spirit moves me to seek a meeting by way of Gwenivere, my angel. Unlike Divine Mother my angel has two arms rather than four. I relate better to that.

My special thanks to Taylor for both pieces of artwork. I have published them many times in this blog. They express my intentions beautifully.

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