Backwards, and in heels

Stormy Leigh

Stormy Leigh is wonderful. Ask anyone who has photographed her, or has been to her Black Cherry Burlesque performances at The Surly Wench. Bravo!

Many years ago, when tap dancing was in style, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap danced through their films. Cheery, upbeat pictures—back when movies were called pictures. You can find their performances on YouTube.

Inevitably people wanted to compare levels of talent, and someone observed that Ginger did the steps moving backwards to Fred’s advances, and she wore high heels. Nuff said.

Women have always done more than men. The single exception being starting wars. That is a male specialty. I’ve had considerable experience in this study.

The ladies work for lower pay, they carry children in the womb for nine months, and suffer the pains of birth. June Cleaver wore a pearl necklace while she prepared dinner for the family in Leave It To Beaver, a television ode to men.

Men are less courageous, and less original. Men are less commanding as role models, and for this reason more males trip and fall into severe misfortune than females. We do know that prisons are filled with men, right? Ninety-three percent.

The famous suicides are by men. There is a message in that. Elvis Presley essentially committed suicide by indulging his weakness for pharmaceutical solutions to personal anxiety and self-loathing. I recall that he was on 14 pills, and they fought for control of his body. I felt great sorrow at the death of Robin Williams. Three men in my family killed themselves. This will grab one’s attention.

But the emphasis here and now is on life. Life requires originality, the willingness to be criticized, and a sense of joy and wonder worthy of life itself. I encourage those traits in myself. I express joy and wonder with this blog, with my camera, and with my delightful friends.

Your thoughts? I would be pleased to hear from a man.

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