Life: It’s hard on purpose

This is me in the days when my self-esteem was at peak levels.

I was born happy. Most people are. It seldom lasts.

I do not encourage people to seek happiness. I encourage them—and myself—to cultivate kindness. Accomplishing that might make a person happy, but I see nothing that looks like a guarantee. This world comes with only one guarantee: this assignment is temporary.

We are deluged with messages about how to become happy. They are promoted by people who want something from us, usually money.

Children, for the most part, are born happy. I was. As adults we pay for advice about how to restore our lost happiness.

I think seeking happiness is a fool’s errand. I think it is more rewarding to look within ourselves and find simple goodness. We are desperately short of simple goodness in the world, and if I can contribute some I will put a star by my name.

Children are still being born happy. Kai is now 18 months.

Children are still being born happy. Kai is a wonderful example of that.

I am convinced that life is hard so that we will not become too relaxed. Our being here is some kind of purposeful assignment. This is not a time or place to get complacent.

If we were, by some miracle, to all discover simple goodness within ourselves I suspect that natural disasters would cease. So would disease. I think the skies would open, and a voice would declare, “Well done.” And we would be off on another kind of adventure.

I believe that scenario is a bit of a long shot, but hey, I like to think big.

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