I get redeemed

PrayerI have been in a funk for some time now due in large part to the fact that men tolerate problems and abuses, and they remain silent all the while.

A lot of men need their butts kicked, and they will not do the deed because they enjoy the privileges that come with silence and obedience.

Redemption came to me from former president Jimmy Carter. He said in a TED Talk that the average man doesn’t really care. Earlier in the speech he said men don’t really give a damn, or language very much like that.

The talk is tough to hear because it includes a lot of information about abuses to women, but it was good medicine for me thanks to his declarations on male weakness. The full title is Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse. It is grim.

Once in a while I protest the silence and indifference of men on Facebook. The few responses I get are in the vein of, “What do you mean, Dan?” I save most of my commentary for this blog.

President Carter points out that the United States has gone to war with 25 nations since World War 2. We still support the death penalty, and sex slavery, and campus rape. The United States is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen. I become anxious because I care. I post to this blog because I care.

One in five University of Oregon undergraduate women say they’ve been raped, sexually assaulted or evaded some form of sexual intrusion since starting school in Eugene.—The Oregonian

MuseAs I watch our problems become more severe, and our males more passive, I become alarmed. I’ve been in a state of alarm for a while now, as many of my friends have noticed.

I witness lots of injustice perpetrated by men who just want to indulge in their own privileges. I was laid off from my last job by three men who knew nothing about me. There was nothing in their approach that resembled curiosity, interest, or compassion. Those traits have little value in the community of business. Business is a male domain.

I also watched the TED Talk by Rich Benjamin. The title is My road trip through the whitest towns in America. He shows tremendous compassion, and he describes and explains the white male appetite for personal convenience, and the white man’s willingness to sacrifice humanity in the quest for convenience.

We need to redefine leadership as an activity in which conditions are created so everyone can do their most courageous thinking together.—Margaret Heffernan

Our former president ended his speech by asking women to take up the burden of demanding more justice. I agree with him. While I feel great affection for many men, my spirit of quest is entirely directed at women. I prefer their conversation and their companionship. I prefer their energy and gumption. I’m old. Take my advice with a grain of salt.

Your thoughts?


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