Confidence, beauty, and poise



I attended another photo shoot today with Corinne and her Arizona Photo Events group. I am approaching the two dozen mark with these events.

Today I photographed Denise, whose photo you see here. She told me up front that she had never modeled in a situation like we were in, and she was nervous. I assured her she had nothing to fear.

The photo at the top of this post is one of many of her that I awarded my top rating of five stars.

My first suggestion to models is that they avoid searching for a smile. It is my job to make the photo shoot sufficiently pleasant that they smile spontaneously. And they do.

Smiles are fun, but I am at least as interested in mood, challenge, the appearance of flirting, strength, and wit. You can’t keep a good smile down. This next photo is MaryLu. She likes to smile, and does it easily. I have photographed her several times, and it is a charming experience.

The location was Reid Park, here in sunny Tucson.



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