On mastery

Prayer dogI have a tiny little book that fits in a shirt pocket. It contains the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. The title is Living Fearlessly, Bringing Out Your Inner Soul Strength. Pages 12 and 13 are among my favorites. I marked this paragraph with my yellow highlighter:

There is always a way out of your trouble; and if you take the time to think clearly, to think how to get rid of the cause of your anxiety instead of just worrying about it, you become a master.

The teachers tell us to Smile at Fear. Chögyam Trungpa used the phrase as a book title. Like the other teachers he says it is counter productive to view the world as a battleground. He wrote: “Furthermore, you should not develop the idea of being on a battlefield, because this just solidifies the problems.”

He assures us that, in spite of appearances, our problems are not really trying to destroy us. He urges us to be friendly toward them. I need to remind myself of that throughout the day. He tells us, as all the teachers do, that love is always the solution to our problems.

Mastery, as I understand the concept, is a state of balance. Struggle falls away, and things apparently fall into place with little effort on our part. That is what I am seeking.

The teachers insist that we already possess the necessary traits and qualities to be masters. We are told to let our illusions fall away. This is accomplished, they tell us, by giving up our negative attitudes toward them, and by cultivating love for all beings.

…first of all you have to see that your problems are not really trying to destroy you.—Chögyam Trungpa

David Bohm told us there is a collective consciousness. We can ponder the possibilities of that power turning friendly and kind. It would certainly change the world.

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