On appreciating feminine beauty


The beautiful Babs, AKA MaryLu.

Men do not have a common standard for the appreciation of feminine beauty. We share almost nothing with each other in conversation beyond an occasional outburst of “hubba hubba.” We men have largely lost our sense of community.

We do not have any guidance on evaluating our notion of what is beautiful and what is sexy in a woman. Guys are largely numbed out, and we do not share the list of physical features of women that move us to response.

The obvious place to begin our survey of beauty is the face. We have our individual tastes in faces. Then we move on to the features that got Adam expelled from the Garden of Eden. Men are fond of breasts, buttocks, and crotches. Some women shave the latter area, some do not. I saw a report on a survey of which look men prefer. It was about evenly divided, but we do not discuss the matter except with survey takers.

Many men, including me, appreciate female feet. Men do not discuss this predilection. An appreciation of feet has been given the odd designation of fetish. A fetish is defined as an exaggerated interest in something. Who is to define exaggerated? Feet are one more feminine feature to enjoy.

Adela is a beautiful woman of ample proportions. I have photographed her many times.

Adela is a beautiful woman who does not fit the cliché definitions many men carry in their head. I have photographed her many times.

Many men dismiss women for perceived imperfections. There are many campaigns operating to restore respect and dignity for women who do not fit a certain classic physical profile. Tucson has two wonderful, prominent photographers who support this work, Jade Beall and Liora K.

Men, by their own choice, are sworn to silence. We rebuke ourselves, and slink into silent mode. That’s what men do these days. Be aware, ladies, of this behavior and the disadvantages it creates for both men and women. It affects the way the world works.

Guys are not going to save the world. They lack the necessary sense of being on a mission, the required sense of zeal. The whole warrior spirit has been discredited by college grades and annual performance reviews. It’s up to you ladies.


zeal: great energy or enthusiasm in support of a cause or an objective

Please note, the photo that accompanies this post is published with MaryLu’s gracious permission. I love bubble bath photo sessions.


3 thoughts on “On appreciating feminine beauty

  1. I think society’s men are ‘taught’ what to like by big business advertisement. If you search the internet enough you will find many many places where people like what is considered ‘not the norm’. p.s I also like feet 🙂

  2. Your article well written with some good points. I do however have a different view point, based on my own interactions with men and women I find that men are very complimentary towards women. What I mean by this is that a lot of men just love women as they are. I hear women complain about not having the “gap” between their thighs and the men who just feel privileged to get to see them. When asking a man what you like about a woman’s body the list is long, when posing the same question woman she most likley will resort to telling you what they dislike right away. Women usually are the leaders of fashion, style and body fads, creating a personal insecure projection of themselves into society. And here we have boys that are growing up with body image dissatisfaction they are taught by those very women.

  3. A wonderful addition to my understanding of this subject, Jaime. Thank you for that. I am grateful in particular for you comment about women disliking their self image.

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