An argument from Dennis Prager about Iran

I have no particular opinion on Dennis Prager. I watched his program many years ago, but I now look to Bill Moyers, Bill Maher, and Robert Reich for guidance.

Pig that flies

Pigs can fly. We are just in denial about it.

This video presentation on Iran did impress me however. My friend Ron Lahody sent me the link to access it. I find the logic compelling. I also agree with his introductory remarks that most people try to avoid taking action until they have no choice in the matter.

The United States is in the worst shape I have ever seen, and I can remember cars with skirts, hood ornaments, wind wings, and leaded gas. The reason our condition is so bad is that men just look out for themselves now, not their community or the nation.

I watched a news item this morning about teenage boys hurling rocks at passing cars with sling shots. Another story reported on people, most likely male, who shine green laser beams at the windshields of passing aircraft.

Yvette and I visited friends we have known for many years. They shared with us a story of high school-age friends of their daughter attending a party at their home. The young people who attended are accustomed to privilege. Their behavior, they told us, was atrocious.

Where were the men during the formative stages when these assorted males were growing up?

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