She says it well

heartMaria Birdsong. It’s a TED Talk. Fifteen minutes.

Our search for the cure for poverty ignores the simple fact that bosses, for the most part, are full of themselves. They think their role is to “fix” the people who are capable of being fixed. It is a sad and limiting view of human potential.

Masculinity is in the worst state of decline I have seen in my life, and I’m old. Men are, for the most part, not men these days. They are silent and obedient.

I admire people who have been killed for their courage.  Consider Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. I fear simply being ignored. I have a lot to learn.

This talk summarizes my message to the world.

One thought on “She says it well

  1. I think in addition to your thoughts, I would say another issue is that the people in charge of making changes to “help” the impoverished in our country have never been impoverished themselves. That is not to say that as an example you need to have experienced being homeless in order to fix the homeless situation. Instead what I mean is struggle with a budget that doesn’t quite cover your necessities. I think that is paramount. If you grew up financially comfortable or better and then achieved the same level of comfort or better as an adult you cannot come into my home and tell me what is affordable. Obamacare is a prime example of this. Even at the lowest level I cannot afford $100 per month. There just isn’t a $100 there to spend. I refuse to move to a less safe neighborhood with my daughter, living in less than proper conditions just to come up with this money. And what’s worse is that I am not at the bottom of this scale. There are many families who are working as hard if not harder than I do and still bring in less. Those families who don’t have a choice but to live in conditions that those in charge of making changes wouldn’t even step foot into. They don’t have the right to judge me or them. They have no idea what that feels like or how much you may beat yourself up for not being able to better. If you haven’t experienced at the very least a piece of that you should not be making choices on my behalf.

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