The God myth

mechanicMy first experience of God was through my grandmother. Her name was Arilla Beatrice Fox Wilson. She had four children, and they were not close to each other, nor to her.

She took Oral Roberts, the television evangelist, seriously. She moaned and groaned as he pretended to heal people in his prayer line. He would quiver and shake, and shout blessings to God.

My next lesson in God was through the Mormons. This link up was due to my uncle Russ Kenaga. He was quite the obsessive individual, and very full of himself. I was baptized into the Mormon church. Dad backed down to Russ.

I have moved on since those days. I have studied Paramahansa Yogananda, and Thomas Moore, and Robert Bly. I have studied James Hillman, and Rumi. Yogananda assured us that we can have out loud conversations with God. I accept his statement. I have no expectations of doing it myself.

We are not kind to animals, nor to our planet, nor to most people. Those behaviors are where we ought to begin to cultivate a relationship with God. I think going right to the “source” out of personal vanity is evidence of our conceit.

The result is that I now have no belief in God. God is an invention of the human mind in its deep desperation for comfort. God, if there is such a thing, is way beyond that search for comfort.

God does not provide comfort. God, if there is one, provides challenge. I watched a TED Talk recently that describes the challenge beautifully. Watch it if you care. The speaker is Maria Birdsong.

If there is a God, it is embodied in us. If not, there is none. Your thoughts?

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