The disarray among men

Edouard Manet: Le dejeuner sur l'herbe, 1863. The men are dull.

Edouard Manet: Le dejeuner sur l’herbe, 1863. The men are dull. Who would value this image if the ladies were not in it?

Most people dread going to work. People invented the notion of hump day to commemorate the possibility of reaching the weekend when dignity would once again be achievable.

Those dreaded work places, for the most part, are run by males.

I had an encounter with American Express recently. I have had my card for 30 years. I was told that AMX managers do not speak to customers. I was told this more than once, and the people who delivered the message seemed comfortable doing that. The CEO, Kenneth Chenault, is male. He dictates, I assume, the company’s posture toward customers.

I welcome Donald Trump to the platform of high visibility because he epitomizes the failure of the male spirit. Any male who thinks Trump is an example of manhood illustrates my point. And Trump reveals the collective incompetence of male voters who gravitate to his strutting and preaching.

Men no longer know how to be men. Competence has been replaced with vanity and absurdity. And males ignore the teachers who could guide them, people such as Robert Bly, James Hillman, Parker Palmer, and Thomas Moore.

My master’s degree is in organizational leadership. There are undoubtedly organizations that emphasize leadership, unlike AMX, but they have not reached out to me. I have been relieved of my duties by two high-profile companies who value bosses over leaders.

Now let’s go down several notches. I photograph people. Men rarely want to be photographed because they do not celebrate themselves. Women celebrate themselves, and they communicate that to me and other photographers. Men are cautious, reluctant, and skeptical. In front of the camera their wariness is boring.

I know many good men, and they all face an uphill battle in the AMX concept of the world. Men have lost the ability, and I think the desire, to rally around a challenge. I know of many young men who are already failures in life, and I believe it is due to a lack of male role models.

I watched a sermon by a black man who scolded his black peers for retreating from challenges. He made the point that men no longer know how to build a city. He used Detroit as his metaphor for a larger failure. I am sorry to say I agree with him.

You have another point of view you want to share? Especially if you are a guy?

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