The inner voice

Parker PalmerThe Courage to Teach, Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life is one of the most helpful books in my library. The author is Parker Palmer.

We are all teachers, if we are living our lives properly.

The purpose of meditation, if I understand correctly, is to develop a sensitivity to our inner voice. I have studied and practiced meditation for years.

Mr. Palmer’s book is at the top of the pile in terms of its clarity of instruction. He also describes the effects of not listening to our inner voice. He says it might go silent, or it might resort to violence against us.

He offers some guidance that I really need at the present time. He writes:

We attend to the inner teacher not to get fixed but to befriend the deeper self, to cultivate a sense of identity and integrity that allows us to feel at home wherever we are.

I have been looking within myself out of a need to get fixed. I wanted something. He tells us to offer something, namely our friendship. It is a crucial shift in perspective.

I have been in disharmony with my inner teacher, and she was beginning to turn violent. I have repented and changed my ways. If you are stressed this book might provide just the insight that will make the difference.

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