Strange days

booksI have been anxious recently, and not particularly liking it. The teachers say to make friends with whatever comes along. Easier said than done.

The people on the median strips seeking donations are especially conspicuous to me when I am in this state of mind, the women in particular. I donated small amounts to two of them yesterday. A city where homeless people live seems raw and unfinished. At least, that is my opinion.

The sight of homeless people reminds me of the fragile nature of all life.

I also reviewed some of the books I have created for myself and for friends. I have been making them for eight years, and I have completed 37 of them. Some people have several. I notice that people generally do not keep a record of their experiences apart from what they remember. I like to add photos to the record.

Some people have noticed that I have been off kilter, and they generously offered me some “friend” time. I accepted. On Saturday I treated myself to a massage treatment from Melissa Stablein. I also watched Field of Dreams, and today I will watch Going My Way, winner of seven Academy Awards.

Thanks, all, for your patience. I am grateful.

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