I aspire to learn kindness


Emma has been with us four of her ten years. Thanks to Tina, we brought Emma home from her no-kill shelter.

Kindness is not easy. If it were, we would all being doing it. But it’s not easy. I’ve been a fan of Jesus of Nazareth since grade school, and I’m still stuck in my fear. It is time to take this blog to a new level. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter.

We adopted Emma Louise four years ago because Tina was so kind to Emma and to me.

There are homeless people, and homeless quadrupeds, everywhere. I looked for median strip folks today and yesterday, and found none. I only give them a token offering. I wonder if I should bring them home for a shower and some food, and some conversation, but that thought frightens me at a very deep level. I have my own insecurities.

I was recently called to meet with a friend who, she told me, was contemplating suicide. I met with her 30 minutes later in her own neighborhood for a long and very satisfying conversation. I left her in better spirits than I found her. God bless. We agreed to meet again, and we will.

This video is about the rescue of a homeless dog. It is very, very sweet. It’s about an abandoned dog, frightened, and with very matted fur.

I have been aspiring to kindness for more than 60 years, and the work still frightens me. It will take me too deep, I say. I cannot fill the voids I discover in other people. I cannot fill my own.

My friends are all people of goodwill, but we do not often discuss our fears, nor our obligations to those who are wounded. Well, maybe we never will. What does that mean?

Do you readers have something to say about your adventures with kindness? It would be a great help to me.

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