On being remarkable

Four wonderful ladies celebrating the affection they have for each other.

Jen, Justice, Nayada, and Dallas celebrating the affection they share. This shoot was a remarkable experience for me.

One of the meanings of the word remarkable is this: “extraordinary, unusual; that deserves particular notice, or that may excite admiration or wonder.”

I like to admire and to wonder.

We are, however, conditioned to avoid being extraordinary or unusual, and to blend in. That practice denies us a lot of fun.

In Tucson we have Jade Beall, a wonderful photographer who photographs mothers to celebrate the whole amazing variety of shapes and sizes post childbirth. I admire her, the work she creates, and the wonderful ladies who reveal themselves to the camera.

Jade Beall photographs mothers and publishes the images under the title The Bodies of Mothers.

Jade Beall photographs mothers and publishes the images under the title The Bodies of Mothers.

How many people have considered doing something remarkable but hesitated because it might stir controversy, criticism, or misunderstanding? What have I talked myself out of doing? Where do I hesitate?

I choose the photographs I publish in this blog with a view to caution, and perhaps too much of it. I am probably too restrained about promoting my work and my services.

I only recently began bubble bath photo shoots. I could have begun them much sooner, to the delight of myself and the models. The models are always playful and happy during the shoots.

We are bombarded with messages urging us to use caution and restraint. What are the costs in terms of remarkable work that never gets done?

Is there something remarkable you have put on hold?

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