On thanking the pain

The wall

My mortal view of the edge of the universe.

I was born into a messed up family. I have always had a desire to shake my fist at God, if there is such a being. I have indulged that desire frequently, and with some intensity.

Today I talked on the phone for half an hour with a wounded lady of 34 years who loves a wounded man of 27 years. They have both experienced more family pain than I did. I am meeting with her in person tomorrow.

I have another relationship with a woman who said she was suicidal. We met recently, and I presented the idea that she was trying to solve too many problems that are owned by other people. The idea touched her in a good way. Today I invited her to meet again. She accepted.

What came from my encounters with pain is that I understand the pain other people are going through. At least, the pain that resembles mine. And I care about it. And I have some suggestions for them that might actually make a difference to them.

Today, for the first time, I see value in the crap I experienced. I am ready to stop blaming God, if there is one, and maybe even be grateful for something I have resented for so many years. I see more value in pain than I ever have.

Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “On thanking the pain

  1. AS a humanist, I believe the best way to deal with other’s pain is simply to acknowledge it. I’m not smart enough to engage in solving other people’s problems….but I can surely acknowledge them as another human going through a place and time.

  2. I liked the story. Your words are true. I have kids who want money and won’t come to work. One of my ladies had cancer. Never miss a day of work. Receive chemo every Thursday. She is my hero and my old man pain seem less with I know what she must do.

  3. To Anonymous: I can’t solve other people’s problems. I struggle with my own. My intended contribution is to show them I am interested, and that I care, and that what they have to say matters. I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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