Getting high in Albuquerque

IMG_1676 33My nephew invited me and Yvette to join him and Irish on a trip to Albuquerque to attend the big International Balloon Fiesta.

I did the math. Two days of driving, and a 60% chance of rain the day of the event. Yvette informed me that we were going. It turned out to be a magnificent experience.

I rarely describe anything as awesome because the word is so often used to describe the ordinary. This display was awesome. It provoked both wonder and fear, fear for the safety of the hundreds of people floating in the air, and wonder at the balloons themselves and the enormous quantity of effort that went into the show. Everyone was friendly and happy to be there. The logistics of the event were handled with care and thoroughness.

The designs were inventive. They included a clock, a fire hydrant, a frog, a pig, and brilliant colors and festive decorations. I will post more photos tomorrow, and I will post the best of them for sale on my photography website.

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There were fringe benefits in addition to the event itself. On the drive there we decided, while in a town called Springerville, Arizona, that we needed beverages. We chose a place called Avery’s Chuckwagon. The sign on the front announced “Waterhole.”

It is a charming place, and we met the owners, Lance and Liz Avery. Not wanting to leave we decided to stay for lunch. Highly recommended.

On the day of our departure Devin consulted Yelp, and we went to the Range Cafe in Albuquerque, the Menaul Street location. It was delightful. We met the general manager, Erica Duran, and shared our compliments with her.

We also enjoyed having so much time with Devin and Irish. Rock on!

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Photo credit: Irish Castillo

Photo credit: Irish Castillo


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