Fun in Tucson

HenryShanna Jenkins suggested a night at the Gaslight Theatre here in Tucson. The party included her son, Preston, and Yvette. The main show was called Henry Porter, a take off on Harry Potter. The encore performance featured the characters from The Muppets, and it was hilarious.

Yvette and I attended many shows there when we first came to Tucson. Lately we have shifted our attention to the Surly Wench and the burlesque performers, and it was a real treat to see the Gaslight in action. There are several features that make it particularly wonderful.

I will begin by praising Linda Ackerman on piano and vocals. She can tickle those keys in the most amazing way. The other musicians are excellent too.

The actors have talent, energy, and an eagerness for being silly. It all adds up to a lot of charm and entertainment. They talked to the audience and to Linda, and the audience was expected to cheer, boo, and add other sound effects. It all added charm to the performance.

Shanna and Preston

Shanna and Preston

The stage sets are ambitious and beautifully managed. At one point two puppets moved to the back of the theater along a wire overhead. Very cute!

At the end of the evening Henry Porter acknowledged members of the audience who were visiting Tucson, or celebrating anniversaries, or who had served in the military. It brought a warm personal touch to the evening.

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