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bizcardI am sad, and my recent posts have revealed that. I have deleted a few of them, but now I think it is time for me to talk about my state of being.

I have close friends who have been treated very, very badly, and by people who know better. These harmful people  bring home regular paychecks. They are paid to be bad.

My Marine Corps buddy, Rod, was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. He smoked for many years. My other buddy from those days, Ron, is experiencing declining health in other ways.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the problems that afflict us on the national level. I can face the problems inflicted on us by the one percent, but I am deeply disturbed by our inability to rally our forces against these bad guys and in support of the good guys—us.

The amount of public support for President Obama is not my problem, but the way opinions are expressed is. The Huffington Post made a reference to the “ranters” who lash out at the president.

Consider this excerpt from The Huffington Post:

See, Max Lenington, who is the treasurer, assessor and superintendent of public schools in Yellowstone County, Mont., hates Barack and Michelle Obama. And so he sent around a letter to the editor titled “Why I hate Barack and Michelle Obama,” and the Gazette printed it.

To aggravate matters a little more, Mr. Lenington did not write the letter. It belongs to Mychal Massie. My concern for the nation is the widespread decline in our ability to engage in civil dialog.

Me, Ron, and Rod. 1966.

Me, Ron, and Rod. 1966.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called the invasion of Iraq the worst foreign relations blunder in history. That is the reason I consider George W. Bush the worst president in my lifetime. The Vietnam fiasco was the work of five U.S. presidents.

I am publishing my business card with this post as a statement that organizational excellence is one of my primary driving forces. I have two college degrees to support it, and a long history of being turned away when I offer those services. I have been laid off by two large companies while working in that capacity.

Excellence is losing its cachet. It has already happened in many places. I wonder at the silence of my readers. I wonder at the lack of response when I request a penny a post—a penny a day, the price of a modest sized Starbucks coffee—from readers once they decide this blog delivers value.

In any case, I have explained my sadness.

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