Courage, and Helen Hunt’s boobs

mannequinI fell in love with Helen Hunt when she was one of the stars in the television sitcom Mad About You in the 1990s. One hundred and sixty-two episodes.

In 2012 she gave me a gift.

She made a movie: The Sessions, a gorgeous essay about courage and kindness. An hour and thirteen minutes into the movie she is lying in bed with her breasts in full display mode. The scene lasts for a while. Watching it, I move into a state of bliss. I watched it again today.

The film is bold in many ways. She plays a sex therapist, and her client is a paralyzed man who wants to lose his virginity. The film’s central activity is sexual discovery, but it is mostly implied through agile camera work.

The Sessions isn’t really about sex at all. It is about two people who can be of comfort to each other, and about the kindness that forms between them. This film rebukes and corrects countless brainless and cheap sex scenes in other movies. It’s a reminder that we must be kind to one another.—Roger Ebert

The film reminds me of the need for more courage in this world, and that I should contribute more of it. And I am committing to that.

One of the things I now recognize is that I aspire to is to photograph a woman whose breasts look like Helen’s. This would be a paid assignment. Let me know if you are a candidate. Remember, please, I write this in Tucson.

As Mr. Ebert said, the film is mostly about kindness. I aspire to the same purpose. Kindness evolves, I believe, from courage.

Your thoughts?

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