On wicked thoughts

From one of my many bubble bath shoots.

From one of my many bubble bath shoots. The model, a friend of mine, was pleased with our results.

I was pondering my fondness for attractive female feet—and my fear of revealing this fondness to anyone—and I decided to look into the subject online.

I hoped to find some credible content that might help me deal with both the fondness and the fear. I did. I no longer consider my taste for toes to be unhealthy. I am now free to enjoy it, and to blog about it.

I easily found content provided by Ogi Ogas, Ph.D. on the Psychology Today website. I took their endorsement of him to be sufficient to warrant learning more about him and his work. He operates under the banner A Billion Wicked Thoughts. The link takes you to his Facebook page.

One of his articles presents what is known about the male affinity for women’s feet;

For anyone seeking to understand how male sexual desires are formed, men’s interest in feet might be the most educational example…There is very strong evidence that the male brain comes wired with a biological predisposition to attending to feet. —Ogi Ogas in Psychology Today

Feet are one of three primary female physical attractions. The other two, not surprisingly, are breasts and buttocks. I have many fine photographs of the latter two, and almost none of feet.

The title wicked thoughts was a revelation to me. I have struggled all my life to conceal things I have considered unacceptable about myself. I’m too old for that kind of behavior. It drags me down, and it limits my possibilities.

I mentioned this recently. At a gathering of old friends one of the ladies asked me to massage her feet. She has very pleasing feet, and we repeated the exercise two more times during the visit. I was delighted. Foot massage is not the norm in my circle of friends, and we are going on 30 years together.

Touching is a channel for discovery, and yet we restrict and deny it. I think that is to our profound loss. We label too many things as wicked. We would do well to take an inventory of activities we have labelled as wicked.

2 thoughts on “On wicked thoughts

  1. I too like feet, men’s, and babies. Baby feet are so sooo cute. Women’s feet are also pretty but don’t hold much attraction.

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