On chatting with God

Prayer dogParamahansa Yogananda said we can have an out-loud conversation with God. He recommended having a clear image of what God looks like. My preference is in the direction of Divine Mother, because I am partial to the feminine spirit.

In his TED Talk Ken Robinson tells the story of a grade school girl who is drawing in art class. Her teacher asks what she is working on, and she says a portrait of God. The teacher says nobody knows what God looks like. The little girl replies, “They will in a minute.”

I hesitate to embarrass my friends, but I will do it anyway. She might look like Yuri, or Stormy Leigh. She might look like Cassandra. I consider all of them divine.

We must invent God, as the good swami told us. We must add to that earnestness, and a willingness to discard that which is not pleasing to God. We must be worthy of the conversation.

Yesterday I photographed the 50th anniversary celebration of Hermitage Cat Shelter. I did the work as a contribution to the hermitage and its residents. Our Emma Louise once lived in a shelter, and I am deeply touched by that, and by her love for us and her home. I hope God noticed my service, and that she was pleased.

Tell me, if you like, how you approach God. And I hope my dear friends will be pleased by my reverence for them.

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