A sort of enlightenment

Prayer dogI’ve always thought—now please recognize that I’m old—that enlightenment came to people of virtue. I no longer think that virtue means worthiness. I think virtue means honesty. People who want to be enlightened, I think, must face their fears with respect and wonder.

Having fears, I’ve always believed, was proof of unworthiness. There has been a shift in my perceptions recently. It has taken way too long. I now consider courage as the willingness to dance with fear. That willingness is different from despising it.

The performance by Neil Young, father and son by the same name, provides guidance to me on bowing down to reality. I have always, always wanted to dictate reality, and my entitlement to do so was some kind of performance virtue. That does not, I now realize, even exist.

If you have four minutes to watch their performance it might open you in the way it has opened me. Your thoughts, my silent readers?


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