Searching for the cure

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

Lately my state of mind is not one that I like.

I expected that YouTube would provide a cure. It does. I went searching for great dance videos.

One of the best clips I found showcased somebody’s choice of the 10 best dance scenes in a musical movie. Of course there will be differences of opinion, but why emphasize being fussy when being fussy is what is giving me a bad attitude.

Besides, any excuse to watch Gene Kelly dancing in the rain works for me. And I can never get enough of John Travolta shaking his booty.

An interesting variation on this theme features the best dance scenes in a film that is not a musical. John Travolta dances in Pulp Fiction, a film with a dark tone. My pick of the litter is a short scene in which Charlie Chaplin dances with potatoes skewered on forks.

I’m fond of Hugh Grant’s brief dance scene in Love Actually. I also like the work John Belushi and Dan Akroyd do in The Blues Brothers. The movie cuts to an outside view where a large troupe of professional dancers add their moves. Roger Ebert opened his review of the film by saying, “This is some weird movie.”

Yes, it is, and it is just what I need today.

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