The naked truth

Edouard Manet: Le dejeuner sur l'herbe, 1863.

Edouard Manet: Le dejeuner sur l’herbe, 1863.

I became curious how women 50 and older look when they are naked. I know there is a great deal of variation, as there is with people of all ages, but I figured I could calculate some kind of average and identify some of the best in the field to establish the upper limits of optimism.

I am pleased to report that source material is abundant on photo sites including Tumblr. The subject is dealt with on porn sites too, but much of the material in such places is gross and offensive by my standards. Well, that’s why it is called porn. The Tumblr content pleased me by every measure.

The most appealing and informative material I found is in galleries illustrating nudist camps, nude beaches, nude bike rides, and similar themes. These pictures often emphasize couples, and the emotional tone portrayed in them seems cheerful and upbeat, much of it conspicuously so. It’s possible to filter for the criteria you want, such as older people.

The photos are not captioned with the ages of the people who are portrayed, but I think it is possible to make educated guesses. My first objective was to calculate some sort of rough average. It turned out be considerably higher than I expected. I’m assigning these ladies—and there are lots of them portrayed online—a C+ as a group. The most frequent “flaw” is an excess of body mass that tends to surrender to gravity in a conspicuous way. I don’t know if the cause of the excess is genetics or diet.

In terms of what is possible I was very pleasantly surprised. The most appealing ladies deserve an A.

The most informative thing for me was the enormous number of people who are pleased to be photographed in the altogether. There is an energetic community of bloggers who share and republish these images too. That is a discovery for me. I expected less willingness to share photos of this kind.

I am encouraged by what I discovered. I like the candor, and the willingness to be accessible. I like the sense of community I witnessed. I like their willingness to challenge convention. We have far too much obedience to convention in our society. We operate far too much out of fear. Viewing these galleries provides some respite from fear and excessive obedience.

If you go exploring, please share your experience in the comments section.


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