The joys of burlesque

Stormy Leigh

Stormy Leigh, photographed at The Domes, is one of our favorite performers.

Yvette and I often attend the first Friday burlesque shows at the Surly Wench here in Tucson. The Black Cherry Burlesque troupe that provides the show also coaches ladies who want to learn the art, and a group of them performed last night. They were wonderful.

One of the delightful aspects of the show is that the audience appreciated all the performers, and the variation in physical appearance was considerable. I was delighted with the enthusiasm the audience demonstrated for performers of all sizes and shapes, as I did. One lady took her crutches on stage, and she used them. How wonderful.

It is customary to throw dollars on stage during the performances, and there was a consistent stream of generosity throughout the show.

The experience showed me that kindness from a more or less random group of people is possible. Add to that the spirit of joy and wonder that prevailed for nearly two hours. Yes, there was a cocktail or two in the mix, but that alone does not explain the presence of happiness.

Consider attending the burlesque shows at the Surly Wench, but please save two seats for Yvette and me.

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