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Even hot air provides a service in the proper setting.

WordPress tells me that my posts have been viewed 61,719 times. I have no idea if that means anything.

I would like to accomplish several things with this blog.

First, it helps me clarify my own thinking. I discard many unpublished posts because as I write them they reveal their weaknesses.

It also is the flag I wave to attract attention to the wisdom people like David Bohm and Robert Greenleaf provide to us. I am especially interested in wisdom that has been sitting on the shelf for a few decades and which deserves the attention of young people.

I also advocate for artistic expression, and I have written posts on the importance of this work. Art nourishes the soul.

A third objective, and one that remains a distant goal, is to create a greater sense of community. I have something in mind that is a bit more vigorous than simply hitting the “like” button.

We need to build a sense of community in many areas of life, not just blogs. Community is sorely lacking these days. We all benefit when we help create community.

I welcome your comments.




One thought on “Progress?

  1. Randy Ramsey posted this comment on Facebook.

    You always feel like you aren’t reaching and lighting a fire within people with your blog. Please treat this as constructive feedback – this post promotes the message that your blog is all about you – you want to accomplish…, clarifying your thoughts…, you promoting others’ wisdom…, you advocating art…, you promoting community. It’s just a slight tweak of your wording but if you want others to read, respond, and act upon your posts it has to be written for what they want to hear, what they need, and what motivates them to act. If you aren’t thinking about the audience first, and not your needs/desires, you can’t expect to grow and ignite your reader base. You can still focus on the topics you are interested in but if you really desire the following, you need to meet their needs, not yours. Blogs can be one of two things – meeting the needs of the author or the needs of the audience. It is rare to have both of those needs met with the same blog. I suggest you choose who you are writing for and jump in 100% to that purpose. My two cents.

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