If we want a happy new year…


Stormy Leigh at The Domes

If we want a happy new year we are going to have to work for it.

Consider a few titles from the book section on Amazon:

  • The Party is Over
  • It’s Even Worse Than It Looks
  • Idiot America, How Stupid Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free
  • Beyond Outrage
  • Who Stole the American Dream?

George Packer published this in The New Yorker to describe The Party is Over:

Lofgren’s ideas are trenchant and far-reaching. . . . With the feel of a long-repressed confession and the authority of an insider’s testimony, like the anti-war views of a decorated infantry officer. . . he writes about how the Republican party took advantage of a profoundly ignorant electorate, an easily conned and distracted media, and a cowed Democratic Party to press the ideological struggle in spite of the deep unpopularity of many of its positions.

There are some potent criticisms in this short quotation. I am particularly struck by “an easily conned and distracted media.”

If you want to dive into the softening of the male spirit that leaves groups vulnerable to being “cowed” just Google “soft male,” or you can read The Rise of the Soft Man, a rather lengthy look at the subject.

Martin Daubney wrote about the decline of do-it-yourself projects because men lack the skills. He said in The Telegraph:

The result is that many modern men are more like our mothers than our fathers, while the opposite is true for women, who are increasingly wearing the trousers.

All of us who want a good 2016 would do well to declare our intentions to make it happen.

Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “If we want a happy new year…

  1. Is it your intention to be viewed as a rabid partisan author like Robert Reich? It’s fine to have your own political views, but if you want to be taken seriously you would do well not to alienate a large percentage of your potential audience. You seem to be under the impression that the GOP is everything that ails the country today, while ignoring the fact that the Democrats seek to elect a sociopath who’s married to a sexual deviant with nearly as many complaints against him as Bill Cosby. Should I find the picture of a smiling Bill Clinton as he signs the law which effectively repealed the Glass Steagall Act? The repeal of which brought us too big to fail and the financial crisis of 2008. How about some discussion about the midnight session used to push through Obamacare that was and still is largely unwanted by the majority? Or the lies of the POTUS used to justify it? Where are the book titles on that subject? Or what about the latest topic, the executive action on gun control completely usurping the will of the people? Yes Daniel if you want a good 2016 you have to work for it. I suggest you stop being a sheep and expand your knowledge on the subject of politics and government so the truth will become more evident to you. You are on the right path my friend. We need to stand up. But we need to stand together against the establishment. There is no left and right, no Democrat or Republican, no liberal or conservative. They are all the same and the system they are a part of is broken. Until you see that all you will serve to do is to divide.

  2. John, my intention was to comment on the level of friction in this country, not so much to favor any specific point of view. Thank you for your insights and recommendations.

  3. In large part the friction is caused by the thousands of articles published on so called new sites and then rehashed on sites like Facebook. Articles that do exactly what you have done here, placing blame on one side of the political spectrum. You have to be better than this. Isn’t it a part of being kind listening to others and respecting their point of view? Even if you don’t agree with them. We need to start coming together as a nation. We are all Americans. We all live here together. Let’s acknowledge the fact that nearly everyone has something to offer and stop blaming the other side for everything that is wrong.

  4. John, if you consider Robert Reich a rabid partisan author, you are not likely to agree with my comments at any time. I welcome your enthusiasm, but we may never find common ground.

  5. Everyone can find common ground Daniel. I’m sure you and I have a lot more than you might think. I read nearly every blog you post here. I’m just trying to push you back to the right path. Keep posting about photography and leadership and kindness. Why pollute your blog with the political junk?

  6. I thank you again, John, both for your attention to my blog and for your enthusiastic advice. I like the idea of putting the emphasis on leadership and kindness.

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