On aging gracefully

Nude signI posted recently to recommend abandoning the practice of pledging New Year’s Resolutions. I do, however, have some thoughts for any young people who might be interested in what I have learned from my life experience.

These are a few lessons I have learned from long experience.

Forgive quickly. I held grudges against my family, especially my dad, far too long. Don’t hold a grudge for more than a day or two.

Abandon envy. It distracts us from what the angels are saying to us. I have envied many people who were—and are—successful in business and have made a lot of money. I would have done better to stick to my own knitting, as the saying goes. If you find yourself envying anyone take it as a reminder to love your own strengths, talents, and virtues. Your angels will remind you of what those are.

Be wary of propriety. I went to a retreat a few years ago where everyone skinny dipped in the large hot pool. The experience was very, very delicious. I purchased a watsu treatment in which a lovely naked lady pulled me through the water. Wonderful.

I recently began touring websites where there are thousands of photographs of people at nude beaches. We live in a deeply conflicted culture. Choose your path forward. Trust yourself.

Know your angels. Religions, churches, and other experts try to convince us how the universe works. Listen to your intuition. The human race is very primitive and insecure. Trust yourself, and the voices that speak to you. Trust your ability to read your own tea leaves and tell your own fortune.

Learn what you love. Do not get an MBA to please other people. Do your thing, as we liked to say a couple of decades ago.

Help others. On my way back from the grocery store I gave a young man on the median strip five bucks. He said, “Thank you, sir! Happy new year.” He wished me happiness. Amazing.

This blog is my message to everyone who is on a symbolic median strip. Many of us are, and we won’t admit it. Please offer what you can to others.


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