Moments in time


Now that we can print books one at a time they provide an ideal setting for photographs. I have made many of them, lots of them as gifts.

I published Moments in Time in 2011. It contains 132 pages and many, many photographs. The message on the front flap is included here.

Time flies. Try to explain that to a young person, and you will have some idea why I created this book.

With experience, each individual moment begins to shine. Sitting on a bench waiting for friends to finish shopping becomes as meaningful as “doing something.”

Waiting for a friend IS doing something, but it can take a few years of living to discover that.

This book is a tribute to many, many fine moments shared with dear friends.

May we all serve as teachers to young people, that things that seem ordinary can be rich with meaning.

This book is not organized in any obvious way, but my intention was to group the photographs so that they shine next to one another.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

You might consider making a book for yourself, or for a friend.


She is now 17 years old.

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