It’s a guy thing

Girls just want to have fun. --Cyndi Lauper

Girls just want to have fun. –Cyndi Lauper

I asked my wonderful massage therapist the ratio of her client base by gender. She told me it includes more women. The men, she told me, are mostly interested in the mechanics of the massage. They rarely explore the comfort or the joy of the experience.

For several years I have attended group photo shoots. Male models are comparatively rare at those events. In my opinion men seldom bring much spirit to photo shoots. They are mostly concerned with caution.

I attended a restorative yoga class last Saturday. There were 10 women and 3 men. The intention of a class of this type is to restore our spirit and our appreciation of owning a body. Many more women than men appreciate that.

Yvette and I attended another performance by the Black Cherry Burlesque last Friday. We were amazed to discover that one of the dance numbers was presented by a guy! And he was very entertaining. This is not to say his stripping held my attention in the usual way, but his performance was indeed fun to watch. How rare to see a man in that venue.

Melissa Stablein posted a link to this video about a grade school teacher who argues that teaching must be electric. It looks extreme to me, but it seems to work, and it explains the point I want to make in this post. Most males close down at school, and they carry this condition their whole life. Men show little inclination to give their peers a good wakeup call.

They believe that if they keep their noses to the ground, stay out of trouble, never challenge the system, and work to maintain the same sort of lifestyle as their role models, they’re doing the right thing. Oblivious to the fact that they’ve been turned into total nerds.—Being Uncool

Many men want to imagine themselves as obedient and proper. Some men tolerate that, others go ballistic. It’s an ugly choice. We have worked ourselves into a dark corner.

Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “It’s a guy thing

  1. Obedient and proper? I would rather imagine myself dead. Maybe it’s the part of the country you live in Daniel, but I don’t see the same things here. Most men I know do not seem to have any desire to be proper. And they all want to consider themselves in charge of their own lives. Maybe you are using the terms in a different context. I do see an abundance of men that are far too reserved, maybe even self conscious. Perhaps that’s what you’re referring to?

  2. I would enjoy meeting your friends! They sound fun and interesting. I’m just noticing big business going to hell in a hand basket and taking us with them, and I want to attach that offense to somebody. I think the failure must be with males.

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