A reason to be sad

the endMartin Luther King said it clearly: “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

That sums up my experience.

I have published more than 1,000 posts, erased a few hundred of them, and hoped for some comment from my friends. I don’t expect agreement. I hope for people to add something from their experience, especially if it challenges my point of view.

Today we honor a man who was assassinated, and who lamented the silence from people he knew. It is my view that our ritual behavior today should remind us of our pain, and of his. Silence is, in my opinion, a path of cowardice. It is, at a minimum, boring.

I was recently excommunicated by a lady I considered my friend. That has a happened before. I am not an easy friend. I do not strive to be such. My experience has been that men remain silent, and women reject me. I prefer the women’s behavior. I honor my friend for speaking up about her perception of my fatal flaws. I much prefer that to silence.

Let us consider Dr. King’s thoughtful commentary. And ladies, I encourage you to demand more of the men in your life. That statement will probably earn me some rejection letters. Your thoughts?

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