Hark! Who goes there?


I would be pleased to join you for a conversation.

Putting a product out for the world to see raises questions. Do people see it? Do they have an opinion of it? Do they return after discovering it? Is there anything that can be done to make the product more useful?

This blog is an example. The silence leaves me wondering.

  • Posts:  691 (I have deleted many posts to reach this number since I established this blog six years ago.)
  • Views: 62,508 (this figure counts the posts I have deleted)
  • Visitors: 9,574 (I have no figures on how many are repeat visits)
  • Most views ever in a day: 252 (I have since deleted this post)
  • Most popular day to visit this blog: Monday

I would like to concentrate my posts on our shared interests. If readers inform me of their interests I can select my subjects to emphasize what we have in common. When I am greeted with silence I am left to my own devices. I do not mind choosing the topics, but I would like you to derive maximum value from the time you spend reading my posts.

As always, I welcome your insights and comments.



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