On lust and greed

preacherI’m 68 years old. I may get a few more turns on this cosmic merry-go-round before the ride is over, but you young folks, and men in particular, need to pay close attention to how you participate in this world if you want it to be livable until you are my age.

The big “we” have become obsessed with lust, greed, and creating the illusion of safety. There ain’t no safety, guys, and I’ve never seen men less prepared for challenges than in 2016.

I have watched the deterioration of pornography during my adult lifetime. Men have, it seems, not monitored it for any level of respect for women. It’s all about greed and haste, much like the current state of the business world, and the world of political office. Porn, in these days, seems a lot like Donald Trump, as far as I can see. Give me your best, do it right now, and expect nothing in return. That’s pornographic.

Guys, in my opinion, have essentially copped out. It’s equally disturbing to me that women have adjusted to this situation. A definition: cop out noun. An excuse designed to shirk responsibility.

I think the New York Times said it well:

The battle to be the Republican choice for president has been nasty, brutish and anything but short. The hope among some Republicans is that the Iowa caucuses on Monday and the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9 will promote a candidate who can appeal to the half of their electorate that doesn’t support the two current front-runners.

Those two, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, are equally objectionable for different reasons. Mr. Trump has neither experience in nor interest in learning about national security, defense or global trade. Even unemployment figures, which he’s pegged at 23 or 42 percent (the correct number is 5 percent) don’t merit his attention.

I don’t think threats like this worry young men these days. You ladies should choose your mate with great care. You are going to need your Get Out of Hell Free cards. Trust me.

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