Is truth dead?

crystal ball

Where will the path we are on now take us?

Bill Maher is in a video of a portion of his television show posted to YouTube in which he mourns the end of the truth.

Prominent people, he explains, can say anything publicly even if it is obviously untrue without attracting criticism to themselves.

Truth is dead, and the internet killed it.—Bill Maher

There are consequences when truth dies. Consider the following quote from the Bill Moyers website.

So the lobbying racket is one part of Washington life that continues to pay little heed to party lines or past professions of purity. In other words, like the world’s other oldest profession, show me the money and I’m all yours.—Michael Winship

Robert Reich just posted this to Facebook when he announced the death of the Republican Party.

I, for one, regret its passing. Our nation needs political parties to connect up different groups of Americans and to sift through prospective candidates. Without a Republican Party, there’s nothing standing between us and a bunch of liars, bigots, egomaniacs, and creeps who decide on their own to seek the Republican nomination for president.

Our tolerance for public abuses has increased during my life time, and we seem, in my opinion, to continue on that path. We are fortunate to have Bill Moyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and others to urge us to be our best selves. I doubt we are up to the challenge.

One thought on “Is truth dead?

  1. The truth is dead. But it’s not the internet that killed it. It’s the destruction of family and community. It’s the lack of morality in people that are supposed to be our leaders. And instead of being outraged, we enable them. The ignorant masses laud Hillary Clinton and cheer at her rallies. She is a disgusting individual. It’s a sad statement that she is even allowed to be a candidate for the President of The United States. But as you are fond of saying Daniel, we are silent.

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