Laying anxieties aside

Facebook has groups devoted to displaying—and viewing—photos of well-tended female feet. A group that calls itself Pretty Feet has nearly 2,400 members. It is a public site.

There are also groups that are closed to visitors. Many of the photographs on the Pretty Feet site are professional quality. And the feet are pleasing, in my opinion.

A sexual attraction to objects not ordinarily defined as sexual in nature is usually referred to as a fetish. Fetish also refers to the source of the attraction.

Attractive female feet appeal to me, but I have always concealed this because I was afraid I would be considered weird on account of it. Now that I am considered weird for other reasons why continue with this shabby deception? It requires work and provides no benefit that I can find apart from possibly insulating people who know me from deepening their conviction of my weirdness.

According to the World Health Organization, fetishistic fantasies are common and should only be treated as a disorder when they impair normal functioning or cause distress.

The prevalence of fetishism is not known with certainty. The majority of fetishists are male. In a 2011 study, 30% of men reported fetishistic fantasies, and 24.5% had engaged in fetishistic acts.—Wikipedia

The willingness of ladies to display their feet for the camera also catches my attention. In my opinion, the more ways we can find to show ladies our appreciation the better it is for all of us.

As I get older I aspire to be wiser. My progress is quite slow. I was reminded today when I saw a Pema Chödrön quote that one of the most common problems people have is that they disparage their current experience as not being good enough. I am guilty of that every day, and the voice is playing in my head at this very moment.

Part of my effort to becoming more accepting of myself and my experiences is to let go of needless guilt. The appeal a pretty foot has for me is not something I need to conceal any more. I am pleased that I am not alone in my attraction to a pretty foot.

I notice that when I browse the gallery I still reprimand myself for my interest. It raises the question as to how many other ways I habitually scold myself without examining that behavior. Scolding myself reduces the quality of my experience in life. I have done enough of that.

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