Scream and shout!

Stormy Leigh

Stormy Leigh, photographed at The Domes

I attended the 10th anniversary show by Black Cherry Burlesque last night at the Surly Wench Pub on Fourth Avenue here in Tucson.

Among the many, many highlights were the tassels on Stormy Leigh’s classic butt. She knows how to shimmy. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I persevere in my crusade to encourage men to enjoy existence. Enjoyment was abundant at the Wench.

Owner Stephka VonSnatch understands enjoyment, and she encourages the audience to do the same. She demands that we scream and shout—behavior that is forbidden in many places, school rooms and most work places for example.

Yvette and I always buy front row seats. They command a ten-dollar premium, but I want a close-up view, and so does she.

I attribute the condition the world is in to the male inability to celebrate joy. This is more severe in some parts of the world than others. Residents of the United States, having an environment of relative freedom, should be role models for men everywhere.

Tomorrow millions of people will watch the big football game. How much of the shouting it provokes is due to joy is open to interpretation. It might be due to greed, or anger. This is very different from my experience at the Wench.

One of the many highlights for me at the Wench was how the audience welcomed ladies of ample proportions. They received the same radiant, joyful reception as the others. Participating in that joy is not something I can properly describe. Imagine, if you can, carrying that sense of appreciation with us all day, wherever we go.

Men have mostly lost the ability to scream and shout. We have certainly moved away from simply enjoying what is.

You ladies would do well, in my opinion, to pay close attention to the caution and reluctance that afflict the male population. If nothing else, invite them to a burlesque show. It might be a big help to both of you.



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